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Will I have live interactions with my Master?

Yes. Every module includes unlimited "Talk to the Master" sessions that take place at least once a week. Additionally every module include number of "Master's Review" sessions where you can show your Master what you have learned and he will offer you his feedback.

When to book "Master's Review" session?

Each step of every module have prompts below the tutorial video, that looks like this: We reocmmend booking Master's Review when prompted. The idea is to review every two forms or one complicated form, so you can make sure your are leerning ocrrectly before moving on to the next form. At the end of every module you will be presenting all forms included in the module.

How to book "Talk to the Master" and "Master's Review" sessions?

To book the Talk to the Master" and "Master's Review" sessions click book now button when prompted. It looks like this: Remember you have unlmited "Talk to the Master" sessions and limited "Master's Review" sessions.

How to check how many "Master's Review" session I have left?

To check how many remaing session you have left click on your profile picture, then click "My Subscriptions" and you will see the list of all purchesed modules. Choose a module you are interested in and click the down arrow to reveal the number of remainig sessions.

How long can I access the module for?

We would like to give you access for life, but it's a hard promise to keep. Each module are designed to be sudied over a period of 3 weeks, but since this is study at your own pace flexbile course we are giving you 2 years to study each module. Should you require more time than that, just drop us an email and we can extend this period.

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